Ultralife Timber Decking

Eco 5000

Not just a deck – it’s a lifestyle!

Fully FSC certified

FSC Certified

Ultralife Timber Decking is a timber product that has been engineered to perform well in the harsh environment of Australia. It is suitable for domestic, commercial or boardwalk applications and still comes with it’s unsurpassed 25 Year Termite, Borer, Structural and Decay Warranty!

Eco 5000 has so many applications

Ultralife Timber Decking is a non-leaching and pre-finished product which makes it ideal for external applications including decking, landings, screening, walkways, jettys or boardwalks. Each piece comes in a uniformed straight 5 meter length which means:

  • No sorting of various lengths
  • Reduced installation time
  • Less Waste
  • Less Cost
  • Less hassles
  • More Savings

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